Games for Trade Shows

Do you have a trade show coming up? Looking for unique games to engage your audience or capture passerby attention? We specialize in giant games - huge, over-sized games that draw the attention of anyone nearby. For trade show marketers, these games are a GREAT tool to utilize. People will crowd around your booth/area to watch a life size game in progress or participate, giving you an instant and continuous audience.

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How About Giant Lite Brite?

Let the bright lights beckon potential customers by appealing to their creativity.*

*Note: rentals only

Giant Lite Bright for Trade Shows

Golf, Anyone?

A miniature putting green, or a few put together, can attract high quality referrals.

Putting Green 3 in 1 for Trade Shows

Giant Jenga!

Giant Hi-Tower - a Giant Jenga

Watch out! Don't tip it over! Giant Jenga always causes a lot of excitement and that infectious commotion will cause people to head your way! A great choice for a game that takes up a bit less room.

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